THIS is What Oppression looks like: Unilever Threatens to Reduce Ad Spending on Tech Platforms That Don’t Combat “Divisive Content”

Unilever censorship facebook divisive

Unilever PLC is threatening to pull back its advertising from popular tech platforms, including YouTube and Facebook Inc., if they don’t do more to combat the spread of fake news, hate speech and divisive content.

As you can see, the threat here is the term divisive..Who gets to decide what is called divisive? If it doesn’t fit these mega advertisers political or social ideals than it is divisive, correct? Of course that is where this is heading. You would have to be a blind mule in a coal mine to NOT see the way being paved to brainwash the entire nation, if not the world.

When you are only allowed to voice an opinion that agrees with the money mongers, you, for all intents and purposes, have no freedom, and do NOT live in the America of our forefathers. Period, no debate that is fact.

Says the Grand Poobah of advertising, Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed 

“Unilever will not invest in platforms or environments that do not protect our children or which create division in society, and promote anger or hate,”

Who’s hate? Who’s anger? Who’s divisiveness?

You support Trump that is hate-SHUT UP

You don’t want the country overrun with illegal aliens, that makes me anger-SHUT UP

You have conservative thoughts, you don’t want to be part of our socialist hive mind, you are divisive-SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this little gem is all shrouded in feel good words so that no one will object:

Unilever, one of the world’s largest advertisers, is leveraging its spending power to push the digital media industry to weed out content that funds terrorism, exploits children, spreads false news or supports racist and sexist views. The consumer-products giant spent more than $9 billion marketing its brands such as Lipton, Dove and Knorr last year, according to the company’s annual report.

Notice the highlighted words hidden in this “feel good language”? What do they accuse conservatives of? ALL OF THOSE! Spreading false news, supporting racist and sexist views by supporting our president Donald J. Trump

And to put icing on their censorship cake they just can’t leave the election and Russia out of the equation:

In the wake of the 2016 election, YouTube, Facebook and other tech companies have come under scrutiny for allowing the spread of misinformation—criticism partly fueled by evidence that Russian actors used their platforms to disseminate information designed to manipulate U.S. voters.

All of this is happening because a lousy, no-good, scheming, deep state and their pathetic candidate LOST because NO ONE WANTED HER!

They can’t accept the election and wait 4 years and cheat again trying to win, HELL NO! They have to try and tear down the very fabric of America and make sure there is ZERO chance for an opposing view to be heard. 

That is their new strategy to retain evil power and KILL America completely 



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