Proud Boy Trump Supporter Violently Attacked While Wearing Patriotic T-Shirt

Proud Boy

A Proud Boy from Ohio was violently attacked in the lobby of his apartment building while wearing a patriotic t-shirt on Monday — which he believes was the reason for the attack.

via Gateway Pundit

Andrew Caster, 31, just moved into a new building in Columbus about a month ago. On Monday evening, he was in the lobby using the free wifi and wearing his “American Freedom” shirt when he was viciously assaulted by another resident.

Proud Boy T-Shirt Blood2

“Out of nowhere this guy comes in, he must have seen his shirt, and he picked up a mop bucket and started smashing him in the back of the head,” the administrator on the official Proud Boys Twitter account, who prefers not to be identified at this time, told the Gateway Pundit.

Proud Boy attacker


The resident has been identified as Gasner Beauvoir and he is now in police custody. According to records, he has previous charges for assault and domestic violence. 

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