These Questions We Have About The Florida School Shooting-Some Things Do Not Add Up [VIDEOS]

What is in this bag Why is it being removed before an investigation

We have questions. What is in this bag being carried to this truck in the video below? The bag appears to be very heavy by the way it is carried? Why is it taken out the back door in the middle of a crime scene? As was repeated on TV over and over, the bodies of the victims were left INSIDE, so this is not a body. Why is it hurriedly thrown in the back of a truck while garbage is being throw out the truck window?



The teacher in this video states that she saw the shooter and thought, “Why is  the police here?” This is strange. Because he is in full metal garb..helmet, face mask, uh bulletproof armor..”

How did Nicolas Cruz ride in an UBER with all of that garb plus a gun and magazines a backpack and duffel, which he supposedly dropped in the school while escaping, get dressed and start shooting, all within two minutes? America needs to see that 20 minute delayed video.


Why aren’t THESE shooting witnesses being interviewed all over the networks?


Or her?


Why is CNN telling America that you can’t put children in their proper place, which is NOT trying to be an adult and change our Constitutional Rights, yet they have ZERO problem publicly attacking and trying to discredit this child?


Why were the emergency personal kept out? The excuse ,”It’s normal sometimes” is not good enough.

Why is this child survivor, Kyle Kashuv, a 16-year-old student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. in Parkland, Fla., of the shooting still NOT verified by Twitter, yet all the radical left-wing anti-gun CHILDREN were instantly verified?  Could it be Kyle is not anti-gun enough for them?

Kyle Kashuv still unverified by Twitter


Yes Americans have the RIGHT to ask questions. These are a few that need REAL answers..


Why can this child and his MSM enabled cohorts demand that companies do not do business with certain groups of people based on these children’s feelings and supposed beliefs, (the ones they have been coached to spout) BUT a baker of cakes can be forced to do business with someone they do not hold the same beliefs with?? 




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