Rush Limbaugh: Radicalized Democrats Are Hell-Bent on Destroying America as Founded

Rush Democrats Destroy

Still trying to figure out exactly what happened to cause the vote. It was 81-18 in the Senate. They only needed 60. So whatever happened, Democrats ran like crazy to get on board this thing and reopen the government. Now, I’m here to tell you that the Republicans did not change anything that they offered. Trump wouldn’t even talk to Schumer over the weekend. Now, I’ve got the various offers that were made here. I have got the Republican… There were three different ways the Republicans went to the Democrats to try to prevent this shutdown from happening, and the Democrats rejected all of them.

That is an excerpt from the Rush Limbaugh Show today. While talking about the Democrats caving and accepting the SAME offer they could have taken Friday night, he also hit on the THE MOST important thing Patriots can get into their mind and accept. Once you do that, you will look at this fight for America through a different lens. Read Excerpts Below

Whatever happened is yet to be unearthed and discovered by me to my satisfaction. But it certainly looks at first blush here like there was a spine, a backbone from the Republicans for the first time in I don’t know how long. I can’t think of the last time the GOP won a shutdown showdown. I don’t know when the first time was. This probably was it. So maybe going forward the Republicans won’t be so afraid of the Democrats shutting down the government. It could end up being a paradigm shift. We’ll have to wait and see.


But I believe what I have believed since I first heard Obama begin to talk about America the way he did and his pledge to “transform” America. I believe that the modern-day Democrat Party has been taken over by the genuinely radical left, and I believe these people think that America must be destroyed as founded. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying they want to get rid of America. They want to get rid of the way it was founded, and you can find the evidence of this in every radical, leftist special interest group.

Destroy America as founded

You can find it in the feminist movement. You can find it in the radical immigration movement. You can find it in any number of left-wing constituency groups. And it is all rooted in a genuine hatred for the founding of this country and for the people who founded it — who they were, what their race was, what their agenda was. The attempt is to establish this country has unjust and immoral from the beginning, because of our slave past, because of the discrimination against women, discrimination against people who were not white. This is what they believe.

They have been taught this, and now they are teaching it themselves to other young people. They are teaching a hatred for this country as founded. And it is their objective to, quote-unquote, “change it, transform it, or overthrow it.”

 Why do you think the Democrats support every group that protests this country?

They embrace them! From Black Lives Matter to the NFL players to take your pick. Any group that opposes this country is embraced not just by the Democrats, but by the media. 

So we have a bunch of people pushing socialism/communism as a new way, and in fact if you look at surveys of Millennials you’ll find that 76% of them consider themselves to be socialists and think it’s a good thing. That is what they’ve been taught. The people teaching it to them were taught that themselves when they were in school, and this is how the Democrat Party has become uber-radicalized. And at its base, at its foundation is a deep resentment — and in some quarters a hatred — for this country.





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