Rosenstein, Wray, Ryan Meet To Plot Next Step In DOJ Witch Hunt, Obstruction

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DOJ cover up and plot to takeover the US by subverting the presidency enters a new phase with Speaker Ryan blocking access to documents demanded by Intel Chairman Nunes.

Paul Manafort has decided to fight back against the witch hunt and Rick Wells brings out some interesting points about this subject:

“DOJ cover up and plot to takeover the US by subverting the presidency enters a new phase with Speaker Ryan blocking access to documents demanded by Intel Chairman Nunes

 Finally one of the victims of the Mueller witch hunt is fighting back in court. Former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, filed a civil suit on Wednesday alleging the obvious, that Mueller has greatly exceeded his mandate.

Now, beyond merely having an opportunity to defend himself and his family against the abuses of the rogue political henchman, Manafort will have an opportunity to demand information about the conduct of the witch hunt itself and the communications by its members in coordinating their attacks and targeting.

That could prove to not only be revealing of their motivations and alliances, but has the potential of inserting a bit of prudent self-restraint into the unleashed mongrel, Robert Mueller and his handlers, Rosenstein, McCabe, Wray and Sessions. They’re going to have to be a little more careful in orchestrating the attack on our President from within the Department of Justice.

Additionally, Bret Baier and Catherine Herridge report that Fusion GPS is now denying that their dossier was the beginning of the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax. They also point out that today was the deadline set by House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes for compliance with their demands for documents by the obstructionists within DOJ, those same criminals orchestrating the attack against the President.

The cover up coordinators, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray took the next step in dragging out their refusal to comply with Intelligence Committee demands by going over their heads to House Speaker Paul Ryan in a meeting earlier in the day.

Herridge reports that in his legal action, Manafort asserts that the Mueller witch hunt is “unmoored” from its original mandate of investigating “links” and “coordination” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Fusion GPS is now calling on Congress to release transcripts of their closed-door testimony, an obvious political ploy given their freedom to make any statement not referencing the testimony and that such a statement could include the same information on a voluntary basis. They need only dial up Fox News and they would have an audience to make their claims.

Sen Chuck Grassley addressed their dishonesty in making those claims, stating that it was they who had requested that the information remain confidential and reminding them that their invitation for Fusion GPS to testify publicly remains on the table.

Continuing with the odd deviations from what one would normally expect in such matters, the DOJ, in defending their unfounded attacks against President Trump, is quoted by Herridge as saying the Manafort suit is “frivolous.” It seems they are the ones engaged in an extended legal action that lacks any substance, the “frivolous” Russia investigation as well as their criminal cover up.

The corruption lies within the DOJ and FBI – that’s where the investigation needs to be concentrated, beginning with their crooked leadership.”

Source Rick Wells

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