Rosie O’Donnell Could Be Facing Prison Time And A $12 MILLION FINE For Bribery

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After ex-comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s meltdown on Twitter before the Senate’s big tax vote Tuesday night, President Donald Trump can reasonably direct federal authorities to lock her up — and even to “take some money out of her fat-ass pockets,” which he once infamously cited as a personal goal.

Here is her now infamous tweet where she is forever enshrined in internet land offering what appears to be a bribe for votes, which is a federal offense that could carry huge monetary penalties PLUS prison time

18 U.S. Code § 201 criminalizes the attempted bribery of federal officials by whoever “directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official … with intent to influence any official act.”

The penalty? For Rosie, she could spend up to 15 years in jail, suffer a lifetime ban from elective office and pay up to a cool $12 million


She had plenty of chances to back track but she has not.

Even after another Twitter user, Louise Mensch, replied that O’Donnell was irresponsibly advocating bribery, O’Donnell doubled down.


As of Wednesday morning, O’Donnell was so proud of her attempted bribe that she pinned it to the top of her account. If he wanted, Trump and his Justice Department could respond by pinning Rosie with a felony.

Why don’t they? It is about time these loud mouth anti-American hollyweirdo’s get took to the woodshed over their attempted undermining of our American system.



Source The Daily Caller

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