This curriculum, being taught to children as early as kindergarten, was brought to Reload’s attention by a follower who is now in a battle with their school and representatives over it’s graphic and intrusive nature. In her exasperation she poised this question to Reload:

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor! In the Ncjrs it clearly states that it’s ABUSE to introduce pornographic material aka

subject matter to young children.

How is THIS any different?

Why, because it’s Institutional Grooming, therefore it’s okay somehow??? NO!

To put this is the correct frame, let’s see WHO developed this “curriculum” it was: The Committee for Children

The Committee for Children

The genesis of the “Talking about Touching” curriculum provides a fascinating case study in how secular forces — and highly questionable forces at that — come into play..”

The curriculum was funded by the State of Washington and produced by the Seattle-based Committee for Children. This committee is a non-profit organization that grew out of a 1970s group called Judicial Advocates for Women, which itself originally grew out of Seattle COYOTE, and whose initial mission was to “educate the public about the realities of prostitution.” In fact, COYOTE is an acronym for “Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics;” the group was founded in 1973 “to work for the repeal of the prostitution laws and an end to the stigma associated with sexual work.” As of 1997, Seattle COYOTE’s executive director was Catherine LaCroix, who billed herself as a “Dianic Wiccan priestess” and a “Shameless Sacred Whore.”

Here are just a couple excerpts of what will be/is being talked about and told to children as young as 5, 6, and 7, years old.

In the 1st grade, children would receive this instruction:

Cole and Mai are playing at the beach. When they go to the beach, they wear bathing suits. Their bathing suits cover up the private parts of their bodies. On boys, the bathing suit covers his penis in front and buttocks or bottom in the back. Those are his private parts. The girl’s bathing suit covers her vulva, vagina, and breasts in front, and buttocks or bottom in the back. These are her private body parts.

In a 3rd grade class, the students would be given the following story:

This is Kerry. She is worried about something that happened to her last week when she spent the night with one of her friends. Her friend’s older brother came into the bedroom, put his hand under the covers of the bed Kerry was sleeping in, and touched her vagina (private parts). She said, “Stop that!” in an assertive voice. He stopped, but then he told her to keep it a secret. Kerry is wondering what she should do. Question: How do you think Kerry felt when her friend’s brother touched her vagina . . .


William Germino, father of a 5-year-old girl in a pre-kindergarten class, said he was concerned that the way in which sensitive material was presented in the “Talking about Touching” program would do more harm than good — that use of explicit terms for male and female reproductive organs in front of a 5-year-old, and examples of “You put your hand in my pants and I’ll put mine in yours,” could very well “upset or frighten small children.” He added, “It has the potential to undermine their innocence.”

The same thing they did to the adult world with the Kinsey “studies” they are doing to our children.

If you have not read about the nefarious intentions of these “studies” Here is a site to start you off : 

Alfred Kinsey and Sexual Anarchy in America (content warning)

One does not have to look very far to see and understand where this is coming from and where THEY want it to go.

Talking about Touching

The question EVERY parent, grandparent or caregiver needs to ask themselves is: Will I offer my child’s mind up to the evil perversion of the globalist agenda??





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