Texas Governor Proposes ‘Do Not Hire’ List for Sex Misconduct Offenders in Schools

Texas teachers do not hire sex offenders

Governor Greg Abbott (R) unveiled a policy initiative Tuesday that proposes Texas create a “do-not-hire” registry for educators and other school employees “convicted of or placed on deferred adjudication for improper relationships with students.”

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Abbott said, “To better protect our students from the ongoing abuse by school employees, I want Texas to create a ‘do not hire’ registry of educators and other adults who have been barred or who should be barred from school employment due to teacher-student predatory relationships.”

It is about time someone did something about all this perversion with these so-called teachers!

In Preventing Crime, Protecting Texans, Punishing CriminalsAbbott recommends that anyone on this list would be banned from working as a teacher, librarian, educational aide, administrator, counselor, school nurse/medical aide. and other positions with direct, unsupervised contact with students such as bus drivers, coaches, and trainers. This applies to campus workers regardless of whether they are full-time employees or independent contractors.

Abbott School sex offenders

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) would maintain the registry. Public, charter, and private schools would be required to check the registry before making any final hiring decisions. The initiative asks the Texas Legislature to authorize the SBEC to temporarily suspend the teaching certificate of an educator who is criminally charged with a sexual offense. This person would receive paid leave while suspended during an investigation, although, the educator “would be required to pay it back if convicted.”


This plan strives to develop a secure online portal for school superintendents, principals, and charter school directors to report incidences of improper teacher-student relationships and to improve training for education professionals on the prevention, reporting, and mediation methods. Training encompasses “violence of all kinds including child abuse, neglect, and any unlawful interactions between students and teachers.”

Abbott noted these new sanctions would “continue our fight to crack down” on improper relationships in Texas.

Last year, Breitbart Texas reported the state criminalized the actions of educators who crossed the line sexually and/or romantically with students by passing Senate Bill 7. Its lead author, Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), likened the problem to a “plague” in Texas classrooms.



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