The Lie About Dreamers and Who Built America

REAL Dreamers coming to America the right way

First what is a “dreamer”? That’s the name dubbed upon the millions of people in our country illegally. They try to tell us these are “innocent children” who are here through no fault of there own.

Hollywood and the liberal left (as seen in this video) have distorted who, what and HOW, America was built. They have tried to morph what used to be a very stringent immigration entrance into America into this broad meaning.

Their goal: To convince people that America was built on law-breaking individuals who just poured in here and made America the great country it is. BS!

Let’s look at what the REAL LEGAL Dreamers did to get here and build America:

Immigrants saved money for years just to be able to afford the boat ticket. Depending on the time of the year and the country of departure, the steerage class tickets could range from US $12 to $60 per person (approximately $200 to $1,000 present value). After acquiring the tickets, the families went through a medical and legal screening before boarding the ship. In the larger ships, the steerage class was located next to the engines and on the lowest inhabitable floor. The passengers slept in crowded rooms with rows of bunk beds, with up to six bunks from floor to ceiling. Being close to the engines, the rooms were really hot and it had a strong scent of sweat, fuel, and smoke. The trip ranged from one to four weeks depending on your port of embarkation.  Due to the limited deck space, most of the steerage class did not get a chance to go on deck or receive any fresh air for the entire journey. What would you have done to make the most out of the steerage class voyage?

That was their first step..No cheating, no crossing the water just to have a baby or scream and demand, “We get to stay!”.

Next Step:

When the immigrants reached Ellis Island, they would check their luggage at the entry and then proceed to the Great Hall for inspection. The baggage check caused some confusion among the non-English speaking immigrants since most of their valuable possessions were in their luggage. Immigrants climbed a very high flight of stairs to get to the Great Hall. Most immigrants thought that their inspection began at the hall but instead it began when they took that first step up the stairs. Doctors at the top of the stairs inspected the immigrants as they came up, checking for conditions such as asthma, physical disability, and mental retardation by signs such as shortness of breath, limping, and excessive gazing respectively. Do you feel that you would have successfully made it up the stairs after a tiring journey?

At the top of the stairs, the doctors continued their medical examination checking for signs of communicable diseases. On busy days, this exam was done in approximately six seconds. The doctors chalked the results onto the immigrant’s shirt or jacket.  Some of the clever immigrants who had a negative marking would erase the chalk mark or flip their jackets to avoid detainment. How long do you think it took the immigration officials to catch onto the jacket flipping trick?

They underwent scrutiny, if they were found lacking, sick or suspected of a mental disease they were tested and either passed or were detained:

Those suspected of having a mental disease were taken for further evaluation. The psychologists used puzzle and mimicry tests since the tests neither had to be explained through an interpreter nor require the immigrants to read or write. The immigrants were evaluated by comparing the time they took to complete the test with the time mentally healthy person took to complete it. The evaluation normally started with the relatively simple Sequin Formboard test and would gradually increase in difficulty. What percentage of immigrants were suspected of having  a mental disease?

After these screenings this was the next step:

The immigration officers asked the immigrants the same questions that they were asked upon departure. The initial responses were recorded on the ship’s manifest, and the officers would use this to verify the immigrants’ responses. Immigrants were asked up to 29 questions including how much money they had on them, if they were polygamists, and if they had a job already lined up. If they passed this aspect of the screening, they were free to go. The entire process would take between three to five hours per immigrant.

The final journey was going down the “stairs of separation.” The stairs had three sections: one for immigrants going to New Jersey, one for those going to New York, and third for those who were detained. This is a point of happiness and sometimes of sorrow, since most families would be reunited after the lengthy process and others would find out that their loved ones were being detained.

real dreamers

And finally this:

If the immigrants failed the medical screening, they would be sent to the Ellis Island Hospital where they can be nursed to good health. If they failed the legal screening, they would be detained in a dormitory until they can provide proof that they are legally fit to enter the country.

Now you tell me, and the rest of America, you Hollywood elites and liberal lefties, how are the original Dreamers ANYTHING like these tantrum throwing, demanding, unlawful, ungrateful lawbreakers you tout as great examples of what built America??..THEY ARE NOT!


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