Trump Trolls Climate Loons; Climate Loons Take Bait

deep freeze

President Trump thinks like a lot of us, that is part of his appeal. He may be rich, but he is still one of us. When it comes to global warming, Trump says what we are all thinking and this is the result.


President Trump has not let the tedious gap between Christmas and New Year go to waste.

As usual, he has been trolling his enemies like a boss:

Here are some of the climate loons who took the bait:

What none of these goons ever seems to realize is that they are all being played.

Donald Trump really does not care about how snarky their comebacks are or how seemingly clever their analogies or how withering their contempt.

The more they sneer, the more snotty and aloof it makes them look – and the more out of touch with normal people.

What normal people are seeing right now when they look out of their windows is weather so cold that the very last thing on their minds is trying to prevent “global warming” by raising taxes, increasing regulations, building more bat-chomping bird-slicing eco-crucifixes, and bombing the economy back to the dark ages.

And what they are thinking is what the president is thinking: “We really could use some more of that global warming.”

Sure, it’s a well-worn cliche that Trump himself has used before:

Then, there’s the small matter of the coming Little Ice Age, which seven new scientific papers published this year have forecast:

“In recent years, the Earth has unfortunately left a period of very high solar activity, the Modern Grand Maximum.  Periods of high solar activity correspond to multi-decadal- to centennial-scale warming.

Solar scientists are now increasingly forecasting a period of very low activity that will commence in the next few years (by around 2020 to 2025).  This will lead to climate cooling, even Little Ice Age conditions.”

The colder it gets, the more elaborate and desperate are their excuses as to why “global warming” doesn’t necessarily preclude lots more ice and snow.

But nobody’s fooled.

It’s not President Trump’s alleged anti-science ignorance and failure to think of the “children of the future” that’s really galling the climate loons.

It’s the fact that President Trump is right.

Source Breitbart


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