Trump’s best counter strategy against alleged sexual misconduct: Scorched-earth political war


This is a MUST read and we should do EVERYTHING in our power to get this to Trump and push him to do EXACTLY what this man is saying.

“Democrats saw what political damage this strategy did to Roy Moore in just a few short months, and are confident it will wreak major political havoc over the next few years on President Trump.

One way for President Trump to counter this impending sex abuse strategy is to fight fire with fire – and he needs to move very quickly before the tide begins to rise against him as it did against Judge Roy Moore.

President Trump’s counter strategy should be to call for the immediate exposure of every elected official in the U.S. Congress that has used taxpayer “hush” money to cover-up any form of sexual misconduct. And with that, President Trump must also call for the immediate rescinding of every non-disclosure agreement to allow every accuser an opportunity to speak their piece and expose the alleged perps in Congress. These actions by President Trump will quickly bring to light this most repugnant congressional political cover-up and expose every elected official that is currently being protected from accountability for possible crimes.”

When the lid gets blown off this political powder keg cover-up of sexual misconduct by elected officials, the drive-by media will have no choice but to report on every Democrat and Republican implicated. The liberal media knows it will not be able to separate allegations against President Trump from those that have been covered-up for so many years by those elected to represent the people and govern this country.”

We encourage EVERYONE to go read this entire piece and SHARE SHARE SHARE Get it to Trump if we can!
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