U.N. votes to ignore the United States Position on Israel

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The U.N. General Assembly has voted 128-9 with 35 abstentions to declare President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “null and void.”

Remind me again please why the hell we are still in that round table of globalist bootlickers.

Israel’s prime minister says he completely rejects the “preposterous” U.N. resolution declaring the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as “null and void.”

Benjamin Netanyahu says in a video posted to Facebook that Jerusalem “always was, always will be” Israel’s capital. He also says he appreciates that “a growing number of countries refuse to participate in this theater of the absurd.”


Netanyahu is thanking President Donald Trump for his “stalwart defense of Israel.”

Trump’s declaration on Dec. 6 departed from decades of U.S. policy, and international consensus, that the fate of Jerusalem should be decided through negotiations.

Jerusalem lies at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel sees the city as its undivided capital. The Palestinians claim east Jerusalem, home to key Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy sites, as their capital.

It is beyond the jurisdiction of the UN to tell a sovereign nation what it can and cannot recognize.

The United States often stands alone with Israel against the world, and the US and Israel have been right. The bias of the international community against the nation state of the Jewish people has been long standing and evident, especially at the UN.

President Trump has said he will consider cutting off funding to member countries who vote against his declaration. 

Let us HOPE that he does exactly that. 

We have ZERO interest in the globalist shills of the UN trying to govern what America does!

Source SFGATE,Alan Dershowitz

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