Va. school chairman: Students ‘not required’ to stand for pledge, calls Trump ‘bonafide idiot’

If parents in Virginia don’t rise up and get this SOB fired, they deserve the hell they are creating for themselves!

Ryan Sawyers, who is Chairman of the Prince William County School Board, said This in a tweet:

“Attention PWCS students and staff. Your are not required to stand for the national anthem or pledge. There will be no action taken against you for choosing to not stand or participate.

Our President is a bonafide idiot but you are safe in PWCS.”

This scum bucket is nothing more than a prison warden who is being allowed to brainwash a captive audience. 

People need to realize when they hand their kids over to the government babysitter they are getting NOTHING for free. They are paying with their children’s minds and souls.


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