Varney: FISA memo is ‘dynamite’ Nunes a Hero [VIDEO]

Varney Memo dynamite Nunes Hero

It is four pages long. It was written by the Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee. And it’s about senior FBI officials and what they did during and after the 2016 election. It’s called “the memo.” We’ve not seen it. House members have. It is dynamite.

via Fox Business

Reportedly, it outlines the following: Before the election, the FBI met with the people who wrote that “dossier.” That’s the salacious, unverified anti-Trump report, paid for by the Clinton campaign. The FBI met with those people. The allegation is that they used that dossier to spy on the Trump campaign.


Think about that: Our top law enforcement agency is alleged to have used a bogus foreign report, to spy on the presidential candidate they hate, and set off the Mueller fishing expedition which has dominated our politics for a year.

After the election, an alleged cabal of senior FBI people organized to disrupt the Trump presidency from within the government.


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