VEGAS MASSACRE BOMBSHELL: ‘Other Suspects’ Under INVESTIGATION [VIDEO]-ISIS Through Southern Border?

Las Vegas ISIS Southern Border

In case you haven’t heard: After months of speculation and confusion surrounding Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas rampage, law enforcement has maintained that the mass shooting was the work of a “lone gunman,” however recent court revelations show investigators are considering filing charges against “other suspects.”

via Sean Hannity

Inside a Las Vegas courtroom this week, attorneys argued that federal investigators and local police should release more detailed information regarding the mass shooting; saying that victims and family members have a right to know the ongoing facts surrounding the case. In a shocking revelation, Metro Police admitted that they’re unable to release further details because “there are still suspects being investigated,” reports Fox 5 Las Vegas. “Without naming names, there are potential charges against other people, because of the ongoing investigation?” asked the judge presiding over the case. “Yes, there are charges being investigated,” said a lawyer for the Metro Police Department.

Vegas ISIS massacre southern border

Not only that but a U.S. Congressman Rick Perry stated on Tucker Carlson that he has seen credible evidence that points to ISIS coming in through the Southern border and they were the ones who possibly did the attack. 

Congressman Perry pointed out that ISIS repeatedly said they WERE going to attack Las Vegas AND have claimed the attack was them.

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